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5-Dinner Service
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Miniature silver butter dish and knife

Butter Dish c/w blue glass liner, butter and knife
Price £130.00
Butter Knife is also available separately
Price £14.00


Miniature silver butter shell & knife

Butter Shell, polished inside, but the outside of naturalistic texture with shell feet c/w butter curls and knife. c1740
Price. £47.00
Butter Knife is also available separately
Price £14.00

Miniature silver caster and preserve / marmalade jar

Caster 14mm high. For sugar or pepper. Hollow, the lid lifts off and is pierced, ready for use. c1730
Price. £60.00
Preserve or Marmalade Jar. Glass with a silver lid which has a slot to hold the spoon
Price £50.00


Miniature silver champagne cooler and liner


Miniature silver champagne  wine cooler

Champagne Cooler. Before the days of refrigeration a champagne cooler holding crushed ice would keep wine cool. Shown open, or on the right with a liner, c1800
Price £248

Cooler without liner
Price £184



Champagne Cooler, plain, Lion's head loose ring handles.

Price £110




Miniature silver cheese warming dish

Cheese Warming Dish. An early cheese on toast maker. Late 18th C & early 19th C.

Pieces of bread were soaked in wine, and put in the individual pans with slices of cheese on top. The ebony handle removes to allow the hot water jacket to be filled through the socket, then the dish is held to the fire. A chain holds the lid half open reflecting heat down onto the cheese and shielding your hand.
Price. £250.00

Miniature silver coaster trolley

Coaster trolley. A pair of articulated coasters on wheels, bringing a little novelty to after dinner drinking.Price £210.00

Comes with 2 cranberry decanters

& decanter labels


Coaster. Fluted decoration, Price £45.00.

Bottle and label extra.

Miniature silver compote dish

Compote Dish. Standing dish for fruit, c/w black or green grapes
Price. £60.00

Miniature silver cruet - oil/vinegar bottles

Cruet for oil and vinegar bottles
Price. £105.00

Miniature silver dinner plate & napkin rings

Dinner Plate 20mm dia.
Price. £35.00
Napkin Rings the first shaped with beaded edges

Price £6.50, and plain, Price £4.00

Miniature silver cheese dish

Dish with Stilton cheese, cheese knife and dish cover with fluted decoration. Price £130

Miniature silver cruet for eggs egg cup & egg spoon

Boiled eggs for six! Egg Cruet 18mm high with revolving tray holding six egg cups, eggs (new laid) and egg spoons c1820
Price. £190.00
Available separately
Egg & cup
Price £12.00
Egg spoon
Price 10.00

Miniature silver entree dish

Entree Dish 28mm long. A piece produced in large numbers to hold the variety of entrees which were served at large dinners between the fish and the meat course.
Price. £105.00

Miniature silver meat plate

Meat Plate well 28mm x 21mm
Price. £53.00

miniature silver mustard pot & spoon
Mustard Pot & spoon .8mm high. Round drum shape. The lid is hinged and has a slot for the spoon, length 8mm
Price £95.00
Miniature silver mustard pot

Mustard Pot as above but pierced body with blue glass liner and mustard spoon.

Price £112

Miniature silver nutcrackers and marrow scoop

Nutcrackers, jointed, with some "nuts".

Price £26

Marrow scoop, (to get the marrow from bones)

Price £12

miniature silver plateau

miniature silver long plateau

Plateau, mirror table centre stand for candles, epergnes or serving dishes, to ornament the dining table.

Round 30mm inside diameter


Long 80x30mm inside

Price £210.00

miniature silver salt pots with  salt spoon
Oval Saltcellar with a batwing shaped edge
Price £40.00
Round gadrooned Saltcellar
Price £30.00
Both come with their spoon, length 6mm. Often in pairs, the name is a corruption of the French 'saliere', a salt dish
Miniature silver sauceboat

Sauceboat 17mm long. To serve the variety of sauces that became fashionable in Georgian England.
Price £79.00
It can stand on an oval dish if desired.
Price £16.00

Miniature silver sauce tureen

Sauce Tureen 13mm high. Sauce tureens appeared in the mid 18th C. This one has lion's heads holding loose ring handles and comes with the ladle for which there is a slot on the lid. c1785.
Price. £120.00
Sauce ladle is also available separately
Price £15.00

Miniature silver serving dish

Serving Dish, with lid , round, fluted decoration.19mm outside diameter.

Price £117.00

Miniature silver soup tureen

Soup Tureen 25mm high. The name apparently derives from an occasion when Marshal Turenne had to use his helmet to hold soup.

n/a at the moment.

Miniature silver strawberry dish

Strawberry Dish 10mm dia. Small fluted dish to hold a variety of things, but this one is supplied with strawberries
Price. £17.00

Miniature silver toast rack

Toast Rack 16mm long. Wire rack with 7 dividers sitting on a crumb tray, c/w 2 slices of toast c1800.
Price. £92.00

Miniature silver wine funnel


Wine funnel, open spout with angled tip to prevent aeration of the wine. Detachable pierced strainer with shell handle allowing it to be used separately. Separate stand (Shown assembled and apart)
Price £78



Mike Sparrow silver 1/12 scale (inch scale) miniature dollshouse furniture and dollhouse cutlery and flatware dolls silver miniatures. Craftsman handmade quality finished miniature silverware and doll house miniatures

Mike Sparrow miniature silver 1/12 scale (inch scale) miniature dollshouse furniture and dollhouse cutlery and flatware dolls house silver miniatures. Craftsman handmade quality finished miniature silverware and doll house miniatures and framed hand-painted miniature works of art - paintings and picture framing by Chris Sparrow

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